Target Export Site Default Location

In the publishing area I have configured my ftp server and the local folder where I’d like to export my site to. My export location differs from the original location when I started this site. Now when I export the site I’m taken to my old export location and not to the location I have configured in the publishing export target folder.

How can I configure an Export Location so it will always export to the designated target location?

Currently I have to re-navigate to my export folder each time I export and it’s making my RapidWeaver7 experience no fun anymore.

I export my site then upload because publishing via the builtin FTP has yet to become usable for me. I give it a try each new version and it fails each time. Exporting is the only RW has ever worked for me and now it is causing me grief.


What version of RW are you using?
In RW6, When you select Export Site from the RW files menu you are given a chance to select a folder and mark it as the default for that site.

I would try to Remove the Local Folder panel, add it again and configure it again. Sometimes, this kind of action works better than just changing data. Even better: remove, quit, restart, add.