TCMS hipwig editor lost access to exterior input URL

I have setup CMS Admin to accept external content (embedly , image, video, file) and it worked,
I have a youtube video inside a post.
I don´t know why but now after adding a blog filter to my first home page, I don´t have access to these Hipwig new features. The video is still displayed, but the Content box menu don´t show those options as activated.
What could be wrong?

If you remove the filter, can you see the Hipwig features again?

After several tests, I have removed this Blog filter and nothing. The same error.
But I am using Chrome browser that has a problem with website refreshing. I have moved to Safari, and voilá, the hipwig new features are there. Clearing the Browsing Data in Chrome did not any effect, Chrome still can´t show those hipwig activated features, only Safari can.

(I have different issue with embeding URL in hipwig editor, the URL is there, but I can´t see the content. I will create another topic, it´s a different issue.)

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