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I have a rapid weaver website, ittnerink,com, that disappeared from crashed computer, can I import it on to my new computer. Thank you Terre

You cannot recreate a RapidWeaver project from the (HTML etc) files on a server.

You must have the original RapidWeaver files (and resources… text, graphics etc) to republish. Or, unfortunately, be prepared to recreate/rebuild your project. I’m sorry.

Strongly suggest backup drives and clone software like SuperDuper. Good luck!

Did you have ‘Backup’ selected in the RW publishing settings? If you did, then you just download the zip file from the server, unzip it and load it into RW.

If you didn’t have Backup set, then you have learnt a painful, but important lesson :slight_smile:

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Having taken a look at the site, not sure what version of RW is was created with (in 2008?), but it’s not responsive (phone and tablet friendly) so it might be the ideal opportunity to start again from scratch.

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Learning to Backup can be a painful experience.

With a product like TimeMachine built into macOS, and the price of multi-gigabyte usb drives so cheap there’s really no excuse for not backing up your data.

Since your site is that old then rebuilding is probably not a ba idea. You can download any resources, and copy and paste into a new project using a modern responsive theme.

Dear Sir…Sorry but this is way too complicated for me… I will send you back what I purchased from you at RealMac and hopeful that it will be taken off of my credit card. Yours, Terre

@MarkSealey has nothing to do with getting you a refund. You need to contact Realmac Software Support. support@realmacsoftware.com

Terre, as far as I’m aware after designing websites for many years using various software packages, there isn’t one that allows you to download a website and import it into the software, it just doesn’t work like that.

Rapidweaver is an excellent web authoring package, but like any software, you do have to learn how to use it.

I recently used ‘Sitesucker’ software to download everything off a 10 year old site to allow me to redesign it using Rapidweaver. That gave me all the text and graphics - and there was a heck of a lot - to use in the ‘new’ site.


thank you

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