That one stack I can't do without -- Scribe

Looks like @tav already posted a working file. Thanks, @tav

I would swear the readMore was not working in my example yesterday, but…it obviously is. Age, I guess.

That you, this is very impressive!

So I’ve been using basic Scribe for a while, and it is Scribe 1.0.8 and I’ve not been aware of the visual editor for the Markdown, until today.

I’m not sure how the Quote Styler child stack works,

And the ” > ” doesn’t function,

Except for here on the forum :slight_smile:

What I’ll probably use from the outset is:
Either text only with ‘Read more’

OR Text with Image float.

→ ‘Read more’ with image float seems to demand more attention, so as not to cut off the visible top of an image.
But this can probably be managed …

with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

The default text that is in a Scribe stack dropped onto a page has a block quote started with a > - it absolutely does function.

Just add a Quote Style child and use the setting to style your block quotes. You can add leading and trailing quotation marks, inidividual border lines, different colours and fonts etc etc

There are a huge number of creative quote ideas here:

They are all supplied in the download example project for you to experiment with, use or modify.


Hmm, I don’t know what’s wrong here:


You need to apply some block quote styles, the blockquote is there in the HTML, this is generated by RW’s markdown processor.

Foundry does not have default styles applied to the <blockquote> tag. The Foundry Blockquote stack uses a propriety class name to style it and so any other HTML block quotes on the page will not use it.

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Fair enough, this will do the job:

blockquote {margin-left: 15px;}


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