The Nightmare on RW7 street

I should have learnt my lesson by now, to wait for a while until I adopt any significant software update, but I didn’t.

So what works on RW7.0.1

Well not saving projects, at least not all the time.

Uploading, again no, and after failing halfway through a V7 upload, a supplier called me to tell me that half the content of my site has vanished.

And even when i have moved form edit to preview mode in V7.0.0 the preview sticks and shows a different page entirely.

All these issues have been temporarily overcome, by switching back to a V6 project copy of my website and forcing it to open to open in V6.

A bit like driving to a car dealership to pick up a new model, but then having to drive back in your old car because the new model won’t start and has faulty brakes.

My website is MY shop window, and creates income for me to live and buy software upgrades. Please help!

Hmm I had an issue with an old copy of Sitemap plus plugin that caused a similar issue. When I got the update the issue went away.

Who knows, but I recently upgraded and changed all my themes, stacks, plugins etc, and I am using RW own site map so it should have been ok. By the way I would be very interested to hear if there an advantage to using a plug in site map over and above the RW version.

I looked at the sitemap RW has but after using the Sitemap Plus I found my self looking for things like easily setting page priories for google and fine tuning features in the plugin