The phone number changes by itself on the web!

Hi Guys, I need your help on this on!!

A weird thing is happening now that did not happen before. Let me explain:

My client call me to say that there is a problem with is phone number on his site that I made few years ago
and before today everything was ok, the phone number is wrong now!!!

• In certain page of the site of my customer there is his telephone number which is 514 342-2816;
• In RW everything is ok, the number is good and even in the page “View Source” everything is ok;
• If I preview or download the site, the phone number automatically changes to another phone number;
• By doing tests, I disconnected my computer from the internet and everything is back to normal, the number is good !;

Some things change my phone number remotely via the web, how is this possible ???

Thank you for helping me, I do not understand anything!


If you look at the actual page source on the server, did someone inject PHP into the page that could swap out the phon number? Or maybe use JS to change it. Got a URL with details that we could test?

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your answer and your help.

Here is the page :

Let me know if you find something!


You were right, there is a «script» that was added to the site few months ago and it change the phone number.
I did not remember that, but it was suppose to be for «tracking» purpose only not to change the phone number on the site.

Thank you for your help to «guide» me were the problem was!!!

Thats interesting, sounds like a hack. As joe said, look at the actual page source on the server (not in your browser) is the number changed everywhere (header, footer, all pages?) - Is the number a competitor :wink:

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