The RW Podcast Sucks!

Ok, now that I have your attention…

I’ve been using RW since version 3 and love what I can do with it. But it was only about 6 months ago, around episode 28 or so, that I decided to listen to one of their podcasts. My first reaction was "this podcast sucks", what a waste of my time. Dan and Ben were joking and talking about the weather or what Dan had for breakfast. And in the nearly 1 hour of the Podcast there was only about 30 minutes of RW stuff interspersed with a lot of ‘tongue in cheek’ kibitzing.

“What a waste”, I thought as the show ended. I pulled off my headphones…shut down the podcasts on my iPhone…and took a bathroom break. Joking to myself that this is where I should have been listening to their podcast…in the bathroom. I sat down, and for some ungodly reason, began to listen to another of their shows. I skipped ahead this time, to somewhere around podcast 33.

Now, normally a bathroom sitdown only lasts about 5 minutes or so, but this time I found that even though I could have left at any time, I stayed. I was really enjoying the banter between the two brothers, especially when Jaybo (spelling?) came on. Being an American (Californian) I found it hilarious. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone over here sound like that and I’ve lived all over the states.

I found myself actually enjoying the next 47 or so minutes in my bathroom listening to these two make me laugh while I learned a bit more about RW and its new addons.

I was hooked.

These guys are great and so is their podcast. So Ben and Dan, I take back my initial evaluation of your show. Keep up the good work. And Jaybo, if you’re reading this "ets bean mighty fine listing to ya! Ya all keep et up neow, ya hear?"

-Barry (cyclingone)


If you found that bit hilarious, just imagine my surprise. And “I” have become a recurring character on the show. It’s about as famous as I’ve ever been/will be.


Thanks guys, we discussed this thread on episode 51 — due out shortly :wink:

Happy Weaving!


The banter between @dan and @ben is one of the best parts of the show! Like catching up with old friends you haven’t spoken with in a week or so.


Thanks for the mention on the podcast today guys.

Wondering why you’re ending your podcast, especially since I’ve been spending SOoooo much time in the ‘loo’ lately listening to your show. I’m sure many others are doing the same. Very disappointed. I’m just going to have to start with podcast 1 and replay them all.

Anyway, thanks for giving us some great stuff to work with and some good times on the podcast.

-Barry (cyclingone) (btw, that’s cycling one, not cyclin gone…j’est wanted to clear that there thing up Jaybo.


In the same boat as you, been all over the states, I guess that is the south or something, lived in Alabama and Mississippi for a couple years even. Side hurt laughing though each time I hear jabostick, so sad that he is homeless due to the Russians. Jabostick you have a very understanding wife no doubt, you must be on the public library so you can still post to the forum.

Me too!

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According to his profile, Jabostick (J.A. Bostick ?) is an Albertan although I doubt that explains his accent.
I have to say that I have throughly enjoyed the show. Even picked up a thing or two over the year. I hope you find the time to continue.


Glad the show has picked up again, going on a long trip and plan to do a bit of catching up.