Theme does not work after uploading

After upgrading to RW 6 when I publish the site looses the theme ?
All the text and pictures are moved to the left on a all white background.

Tried complete publish, delete all on the server using “flow” then publish again, clearing cache in browser and tried many different browsers. none work… ?
Any ideas ?

It certainly looks like none of your CSS files are getting published. One workaround would be to do a full export of your site and then upload it using your FTP application (Flow?). See if that works.

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thank you for the quick respons.
But it still won’t work :S

I have also tried different themes.
RW V.6.3.5
theme: Phelix v1,7

Your CSS and JS files seem to be in a different directory than your index file — see screenshot below — which appears to be in the US directory. Why is that?


I have both danish and english site with a little flag at the top.

both sites havde ther own RW file. this worked in RW5. can’t this be done in RW 6 ?

So using Flow you can see (for example) the rw_common folder in the US directory?


Jep : )

Are you using the Consolidate CSS files option in RapidWeaver > Settings > Advanced?



should I do that ?

Now I got it to work ! :smile:

when checking the Consolidate CSS files option I saw that the web address was (without the US)
changed that and checked the option above, now it works. ! :smile:

Thank you for the awesome and quick help ! :smiley:

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Downloaded theme
2. Extracted all
3. Opened repeatedly until I found the file (theme…as described in the readme file from elegantthemes)
4. Then zipped it
5. Uploaded to ftp
6. Unarchived it there