Theme: Reason, Stack: Four Boxes, problem: grey space

Hi, I have a website on which the Stack Four Boxes is showing a grey space below the photo images. They are the standard 4:3 ratio. Can anyone suggest a way to eliminate this grey space? TIA

Are there supposed to be multiple images on this page? I can only see one?


Quickly test the same stack in a different theme from a different developer - could be a jQuery conflict. @robbeattie I think it is meant to show one image at a time with a choice of funky transition animations.

It was the fact that no transitions were happening that made me wonder.

the title of the stack made me think there should be four images!

Hello Gentlemen and thank you. There are 4 images. For some reason, the slide show does not automatically play on iPhone, and I don’t know how other browsers except Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Mac work.

I do know the transition arrows are very skinny so easy to miss, and there is no way to enhance their look or position.

I have tried in a numerous themes (good suggestion, thank you) and most of them give some variation of the grey bar, and some are so off, that half of the space, horizontally is grey. I think it must be the Stack but Archetypon is defunct so I will look for a different way to present the photos.

Many thanks again.


Archetypon is now and you can tag him using @Lucas. He is very helpful so try to sort it with him :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you so much Fuelemann. :slight_smile:

Haha why is there a piece of cake beside my name?

I think it means this is your anniversary joining the forum?

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:laughing: what a coincidence. July 25th, 2015. I rarely go on here. Too funny.

BTW, I totally changed the photo presentation … there are now more photos and the slide show can be viewed as full screen. Thanks everyone.

What did you use for the map page?

I created a screen shot and added the area covered (the red circle) with Mac’s Preview’s built in Annotate feature in the Tools menu, and I created a location in Google Maps for the business and used Google’s embed feature for the interactive map.

Hi Peg please send me a message to support
Thanks @Fuellemann

I got a workaround from @Lucas which was to use the CSS formatting
.bg-img { background: white; }
in the CSS pane in the inspector. Works like a charm. Thank you Lucas.

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