Theme: Reason, Stack: Four Boxes, problem: grey space

(Peg Baldwin) #1

Hi, I have a website on which the Stack Four Boxes is showing a grey space below the photo images. They are the standard 4:3 ratio. Can anyone suggest a way to eliminate this grey space? TIA

(Rob Beattie) #2

Are there supposed to be multiple images on this page? I can only see one?


(LJ) #3

Quickly test the same stack in a different theme from a different developer - could be a jQuery conflict. @robbeattie I think it is meant to show one image at a time with a choice of funky transition animations.

(Rob Beattie) #4

It was the fact that no transitions were happening that made me wonder.

(LJ) #5

the title of the stack made me think there should be four images!

(Peg Baldwin) #6

Hello Gentlemen and thank you. There are 4 images. For some reason, the slide show does not automatically play on iPhone, and I don’t know how other browsers except Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Mac work.

I do know the transition arrows are very skinny so easy to miss, and there is no way to enhance their look or position.

I have tried in a numerous themes (good suggestion, thank you) and most of them give some variation of the grey bar, and some are so off, that half of the space, horizontally is grey. I think it must be the Stack but Archetypon is defunct so I will look for a different way to present the photos.

Many thanks again.


(Jan Fuellemann) #7

Archetypon is now and you can tag him using @Lucas. He is very helpful so try to sort it with him :slight_smile:

(Peg Baldwin) #8

Great, thank you so much Fuelemann. :slight_smile:

(Peg Baldwin) #9

Haha why is there a piece of cake beside my name?

(Rob Beattie) #10

I think it means this is your anniversary joining the forum?

(Peg Baldwin) #11

:laughing: what a coincidence. July 25th, 2015. I rarely go on here. Too funny.

(Peg Baldwin) #12

BTW, I totally changed the photo presentation … there are now more photos and the slide show can be viewed as full screen. Thanks everyone.

(LabCoat Guy) #13

What did you use for the map page?

(Peg Baldwin) #14

I created a screen shot and added the area covered (the red circle) with Mac’s Preview’s built in Annotate feature in the Tools menu, and I created a location in Google Maps for the business and used Google’s embed feature for the interactive map.

(Lucas Tsolakian) #15

Hi Peg please send me a message to support
Thanks @Fuellemann

(Peg Baldwin) #16

I got a workaround from @Lucas which was to use the CSS formatting
.bg-img { background: white; }
in the CSS pane in the inspector. Works like a charm. Thank you Lucas.

(system) #17

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