Themes that allow for "Disable Parent" in navigation

Can you suggest themes that allow for “Parents” to be disabled in the navigation. Seems that all of the themes I own do not have this option, and that’s a problem for me. It seems redundant that a parent page can be open to reveal essentially an empty page. I would rather it did not open, and only the sub pages can open.

Check out this link… it is not recommended.


Yikes! Good to know. I’ll deal with it as I have in the past by putting links on the parent page. Thanks

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Mr. @lincolnboland, this is RapidWeaver forum. Please, do not try to poach around here. There are reasons why we have chosen RW over Wordpress… :sunglasses:

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Hi, I use quite a few of Weaverthemes and a lot seem to have this function.
You can check out the themes and what options they have in the preview.
Hope it helps, also Vitor is really good with support

Some of my themes have this feature:

But only the topmost navigation items will be disabled.


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Nice stuff. Thanks. Are you concerned about the SEO issues discussed above?

Let’s face it: any changes you make on a site may have an effect on SEO. But you certainly don’t want the “dummy” pages to be indexed on google, do you? Even for this reason it could be “better” to disable links to pages you don’t care about and which only present for structuring reasons.
btw: even though the parent items are not clickable, they are still valid HTML links. They are just disabled dynamically by javascript.

So, to conclude: disabling links with javascript may affect SEO but there are a lot of other on-page optimization with a much bigger impact on SEO like your domain, the site title, keyword density, well-structured content (e.g. headings) and so on. And there are also off-site optimizations to care about like the presence on social networks, backlinks, …

I agree with you Chris. I wish all themes had the option to disable parent pages. The parent pages in my sites are just placeholders. No one needs to land there. I work around this by placing buttons on the “dummy” pages to the same links as the other pages listed in the dropdowns in the nav menu. It’s busy work. I’m not changing the themes I presently use, but I will not buy any new themes that don’t allow for parents to be disabled.

Don’t know if this would do what you want.
Sounds like what you want is a menu place holder. Just use an offsite page that goes no where (#).
Joe Workman has a video on this for foundation, but the process would work for any theme that support drop down menus.

Looks like Joe has the option to hide the parent. I want my theme to have it too. I don’t want to add code if possible. Much easier to have my theme do it.

No coding needed.
Test this out. Make your dummy page an offsite page. Set the URL to #:

Now when someone clicks this new page, it stays right in the same place you are. The sub-pages still work.
This is much cleaner than having a dummy page with buttons.


Doug, Holy BLEEP, that works great! I did not understand what an offsite page was, and I missed it in Joe’s video (I skipped around in the video). For those who don’t know, an offsite page is one of the RW new page options. The downside to this is when navigating on a mobile device and touching the parent does nothing. I’ll accept that’s what happens and assume the viewer knowns to then click the disclosure triangle in the nav menu.


there is also the Action Host Utility Stack by Tsooj Media which provides this function (next to some others)



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As regards SEO just make sure that if you change page names you do the appropriate 301 redirects.

For example, I manage a travel site with just 6 top level pages but then the client wanted to add some sub pages to the Czech page.

In order to do this I created a top level offsite page retaining the navigation name ‘Czech’ and changed the original ‘Czech’ page to Czech Holidays’.

Now as far as Google is concerned the link juice for the original Czech page with all it’s content would start going to a ‘non-page’ - SEO hazard and bad experience for people using Google. Setting a permanent 301 redirect in cPanel from "Czech’ to “Czech Holidays” ensures that all remains well in Googleland,