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Hi, a few months ago I uploaded a site built with Rapidweaver 8 with Foundry to 123Reg., the company I use to host my sites, without any hitch. Now I have finished a new site using Rapidweaver 8 with Foundry, haven’t done anything different regarding designing (obviously it’s a different design), building or uploading but the report I get when I visit the site is below.

Am I right in thinking it might be a hosting company problem?

Any ideas?


You will need a SSL certificate for this domain so yes, please ask the hosting company. In addition, all traffic should be routed automatically to the https:// version of your site once the SSL certificate is in place. Again, the hosting company can do this for you.

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Thanks Jan, much appreciated


If you are using https: // in the address then you need the SSL certificate on the host.
For example http://falconaudiovisualarts.co.uk/ Works fine without the error.
But https://falconaudiovisualarts.co.uk/ Without A certificate gives the error.

Only redirect if you are sure all mixed content has been fixed.


True :slight_smile:

Thanks Doug, I have bought a certificate from the hosting company so we’re sorted thanks. Apparently I had bought a certificate for the site that didn’t gave any problems so it was a typical case of a senior moment. Sorry to have bothered you guy over something as stupid as that.


Rob (Dutch)

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It’s too late now. But hosting companies should not charge you a dime for an ssl cert. when it’s time to renew either tell your host that you want a free let’s encrypt certificate or else you will find a new hosting company.


Listen to this…

Thanks Joe, very informative!

Rob (Dutch)

Oh dear, just my luck, `I think I must belong to the gullible masses!..

Rob (Dutch)

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