Total CMC almost work

I have used Total CMS for some projects with great result. Now am using Total CMS for a «new» project and I can not make it work.

  • I can register new blogs and save. With photos and everything. It is saved. The admin side is working.
  • I can access this blog registration in list on user side (public side) — in the list. When I click open I get this:
    # Not Found
    The requested URL /page-6/test-2 was not found on this server.

I know there must be a link or something I have missede or something, but I can not find the error. Any ideas out there.

Did you preview the blog POST page in RW to set the pathing? Yo outdoor get a modal window with a button to set the pathing.

Thanks for responding.

I am not shure what you mean about «to set the pathing?» in «Did you preview the blog POST page in RW to set the pathing?». I can not see any modal window to set pathing here, but I see an error message : Thu, 30 Jul 2020 08:42:31 +0100 ( : ERROR:PHP ERROR [8192] Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated (/home/F/foreningslivno/subdomener/rolvsoyspeiderne/rw_common/plugins/stacks/total-cms/vendor/michelf/php-markdown/Michelf/Markdown.php line:948)

when I use the Debug Stack. This message is repeated five times (for each new blog message) with different line numbers.

I found it. I guess you ment the settings in the Total blog - General setup.


I have (on other pages) used this setting:

image image

No custom Post Link — and it has worked just fine. As far as I have seen.

But now it is working.

So thank you very much.

PS — I do not know why I got this picture doubled. Past it once, got it twice.

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