Total CMS - No License/Api Key

(Guillermo Mora Pavón) #1


I have a registered version of Total MCS to a specified Domain , since last stacks or Rapidweaver update , I can see on the bottom a Text

No License/Api Key Defined

But license key is defined , I have re-inserted it and also loaded all protect but nothing changes.

(Jochen Abitz) #2

The license has to be included on every CMS Core and Admin Core stack you are using in your project.

(Guillermo Mora Pavón) #3

Thanks , Now is fixed and working.

I don’t know how the license was only in de admin page and lost on the others.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #4

Joe mentions this in his latest video about Total CMS. My suggestion would be to subscribe to Joe’s YouTube Channel and when updates for his stacks come out, check there to see if there are any videos and give them a good watch to see what is new. :slight_smile: