Total CMS - No License/Api Key


I have a registered version of Total MCS to a specified Domain , since last stacks or Rapidweaver update , I can see on the bottom a Text

No License/Api Key Defined

But license key is defined , I have re-inserted it and also loaded all protect but nothing changes.

The license has to be included on every CMS Core and Admin Core stack you are using in your project.

Thanks , Now is fixed and working.

I don’t know how the license was only in de admin page and lost on the others.

Joe mentions this in his latest video about Total CMS. My suggestion would be to subscribe to Joe’s YouTube Channel and when updates for his stacks come out, check there to see if there are any videos and give them a good watch to see what is new. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m just installing and testing TotalCMS. I have one admin and one cms core stack. I’ve entered the license key in both stacks.

When I preview, I see this:


Have I done something wrong…

Server is PHP 5.5.6. RW 8.1

Did you click the registration button?
Also you should update your PHP. This can usually be done in your Cpanel

I can’t update to a higher level of PHP as I have a large legacy app that requires some revamping. Perhaps later…

I did click the registration button so it was highlighted. I believe I did that for both stacks. I’ll check that.

Total CMS needs PHP 5.6+

Thanks. I have the following:

Specifically: 5.6.37

Ah, ok. I saw you mentioned a different PHP version earlier. You should be all good then,

Thanks Nell, but I still get the unlicensed message in total debug.php:

Total CMS Passport Check: {"status":true,"info":"Domain within trial period. You have 30 days remaining in your trial","trial":true}

Hopefully, this will help

hmm. no joy. I actually, don’t see that screen in Preview mode.

Ok. I think it’s fixed. I installed on my laptop. That worked. Then I returned to my main machine, and the links now show correctly and TotalCMS shows as registered. Thanks all for the help.

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