Total CMS RSS Feed Set-up

Can someone please verify that the screen shots below are set-up properly to display the ESPN RSS feed in Feed Stacks? <![CDATA[ - TOP]]>

And, if so what action do I need to take for the content from the feeds to display on my page?

To be clear, my question is: Is linking the Admin page to the Content page via TCMS ID alone enough for content to start populating on the page?

Or, do I need to “make a post” of some sort as a catalyst?

I’ve watch this video ( several times and I don’t clearly answer the question in my view. Particularly around the 11:44 mark it give some details. But, perhaps I missed the others.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe @zeebe can correct me if I’m wrong but I think that stack is only for displaying your own feed, not others’. There are RSS stacks out there, though (

The Feed stack was originally implemented as a pared down blog or for items that didn’t require archiving (specials of the day at a cafe, for example).


You can not use RSS Feeds from other sources with the Feed stack, look at our RSS Stacks here for that:

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Thank guys for the response. I’m super new to the product.

This also clears up my product understanding a bit as well. I mistakenly thought Total CMS’s reference to “feed stacks” meant RSS Feed.

Apparently, the feed site id just for interntl feeds within a Total CMS project?

Thanks again…

Correct. The idea is that you can add new ‘news’ items - stories, new products, specials of the day etc. - from the content management system, without needing access to Rapidweaver.

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