TotalCMS text and images

I’m looking for an easy way for a customer to make new articles via totalCMS. I know about blogging in TotalCMS and setup several blogs with it.
Until now I added images in fill mode. So there is text above and below the image. My client wants to be able to place image anywhere in the text and have the text wrap around the images.

Does anyone know: Is it possible to do text wrapping with TotalCMS? Have an image flow the text around it on the left or right side?

How about using Big White Duck’s Paragraph Pro stack?

This allows you to add CMS images and wrap text around. You can use %cmsText(yourtext)% in the text box to display the CMS text.


You can do it right in TotalCms blog hipwig editor.
When you place the image, hover /click on it you will get a context menu.
Click the little star and set it to inline.
Click the justification icon and choose how you want it justified (left/right)


Both suggestions here are great. If you wanted a third, you could use my Floaty stack. It will float text around anything that you want.


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