CMS for picture Gallery

Just looking for recommendations in case I’ve missed anything. Small art website up and running, and my client would now like to add her own Images and Descriptive Text / Prices via a CMS.

Most of my clients who have expressed an interest in CRM have never got around to using them, hence I don’t have much experience outside of Easy CMS and GoCMS.

Any recommendations on easy Gallery CMS functionality welcome. Must include the descriptive text - not just images. Thanks


I am also interested in such a solution…

Do you mean CMS?

CRM is all about client management.

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ha ha - typical - I’m researching CRMs for a client at the moment and have them on the brain! Yes I mean CMS - as in the header :sweat_smile:

So they want to add images, plus some text and a price that will be displayed along with the image?

Just want to be sure I understand the precise needs?

And how many images/items will they be wanting to add?

Does WebYep do what you want I have found it useful on some sites.

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Yes that’s the requirement. Hard to be sure about number of images. As she sells they’ll be removed, as she paints they’ll be added. Maybe 30-40. Will also likely split them into maybe 4 separate galleries according to subject matter, 8-15 in any one gallery perhaps.

Does she want to sell them online? Or take pre-orders for them?

From what I use within the RW ecosystem, as in stacks, I can’t think of anything that fits the bill. I’ve made a really nice CMS gallery before, it’s demo’d here: which uses @instacks Repository, Poster and Gallery3, but to my knowledge there is no way of inserting text with the image.

Given the requirements, personally I’d be looking towards a CMS store solution, that can be run in “catalogue” mode if they don’t want to sell or take orders online.

My go-to store CMS option is this: it powers the store for me here: I’ve loads of installs of it over my own and client sites, it’s very adaptable once you think a bit laterally. I’m sure there are also dedicated artwork scripts out there too.

You already use Easy CMS. Moving to Total CMS is a no-brainer…

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I’m aware - but because it’s just for a small gallery rather than a full site I was looking for something a bit cheaper - I understand it’s a single site licence right?. Having said that I’ve been looking for an excuse to play with Total CMS so it’s definitely high on the list

G-Sheet for the galleries and text and price and repository stack for upload/removal could be a solution.
In G-Sheet you put a link to the photo in the Google docs and let the client upload via repository like done here

With the if function in G-Sheet you can set a number then things will be not/ or somewhere else displayed

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I would however want the images to lightbox…

Any other recommendations for places to look for a gallery script with captions? PHPJabbers doesn’t seem to have a search function(!) and I’ve had a reasonably good scan of what Code Canyon has to offer.


No - not currently looking for online purchasing although it may be an option later

Tcms can do this easily

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If you use tCMS then you can have multiple galleries (landscapes, portraits, abstract etc) then using InStacks gallery you can on the public pages not only display them as individual galleries but combine them into one big one.
For example you could have the most recent 5 paintings from each displayed in a random grid on the home page.


Just a thought, but might want to take a look at EasyDB. It has built-in support for inStacks: Gallery & Stacks4Stacks: ProGallery


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It sounds like perhaps the optimal option is just to perhaps use something like ECWID. All you have to do is plop in the embed code for her store in a page, and then she has a whole lot of functionality in the ECWID admin portal. You also get searching, categorization, shipping & content delivery, taxing, etc…

Total CMS & Pulse CMS are very different. They are both going to work. You can take Pulse CMS for a trial run & have your customer login & see if they can live with the admin portal. It has a very specific approach to edit BLOCKS. But she can log in & browse her site to make in line changes. Total CMS is going to allow you to define a very specific workflow for her. That includes layout to display & layout to administrate. Total CMS has fewer constraints because you have the building blocks. So you simply construct what you want, how you want it.

Another option could be simply for her to have Rapidweaver & Stacks. Just build a micro-site that publishes to a subdomain or /sub folder. This way the larger site is not available to her, but you just give her a RW file that has a single page constructed. You could even just use the built in blog page. I get it can open a whole other can of worms, but you know your client if this is workable to them.

But honestly if this is for an “online store” you might be better off introducing a store solution that covers more requirements - like taxing, shipping, digital content, etc…

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Thanks for the detailed input Chad. I’m waiting to hear whether she wants online sales or not. Maybe a deposit payment to ‘secure’ a painting whilst arranging to see it would be an idea. But yes, if the volume is there with online sales, ECWID is a good, easy option.

Hadn’t thought about the Rapidweaver option - but that might actually work. Then she can look after the whole lot!

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Thanks Bill - I need to look at EasyDB for other reasons so yes a definite option