TotalCMS - How do I change a post link setting

I’ve moved a website from a test bed to the production settings. There appears to be a discrepancy when writing a blog post. As you can see from the screenshot, the post link is still pointing at the test site. The other two links are ok.

How can I change the post link? It’s probably obvious, but I’ve looked here I just cant find the problem.

Thanks for all the help!

Preview the post page in RW and hit send when the window pops up

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oops… now I have gone from the first to the second:

Did you go to the page in RW that has the blog Post stack on it and preview?

Show that screen shot.

Have you tried to edit and save a post on the new url?

FYI in the doc portal for TotalCms under FAQ there is a How do I Transferring Total CMS Data from one server to another article.

We’ve saved quite a few posts on the main URL. I just created a draft test post.

The resulting screen follows:

Still the same, incorrect pointer…

You didn’t answer my question…

Did you go into Rapid Weaver to the page with the blog POST stack and preview?
This is the public side page where the blog Post stack is.

The screenshot is not helpful. I went to the Blog Post page in RW. I then clicked preview. This is the result…

SO you did not get the pop up… click on pretty url then back on default and see if you get it

What is the correct url you are after?

hmm. When I click Pretty URL, I get something better:

When I switch back, I don’t get the popup.

Can I keep Pretty URL. If so, I guess I must update my htaccess file…?

you can, but get it working in default first.
Hit send on the pretty url setting…
then switch back to default.
you shoukd get the pop up again
hit send

(I am assuming that is the correct url in the popup)

Phew. Thanks to you Scott!

  1. Switched to Pretty URLs - Submit
  2. Switched back to Default - Submit
  3. Cleared Caches


and all is well?

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yep… One more thing… What can I use these permalink for?

that is a link directly to your blog post page with that post displayed. you could use it in social media or email to send someone directly to that specific post

Got it… Many thanks Scott. I appreciate your knowledge and patience.


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