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Dear forum,

As some already know, I am working on a tool to migrate from a Wordpress blog to Poster Stack, and yes it’s awesome :sunglasses:.

As Wordpress isn’t easy to cover fully and as every Wordpress installation is different, it’s currently a work-in-progess tool. It won’t take over the content of all different available plugins, just the basic text content and images from your pages and blog posts (which should cover 80% of the whole site).

So, if there is someone out there having a Wordpress installation and interested in moving, let me know.

You currently have to send me the standard Wordpress export XML file in order to get the data for Poster Stack produced, as I still have to adapt the code and check the output manually.

Cheers, Jannis



That sounds like quite a breakthrough.

How about giving the developer the Export folder that RW creates. Then you can use Safari to look at the HTML code for each page. If the developer can understand HTML code they should be able to edit it and perhaps import it into another Web creation program.

@instacks I’ve been waiting for this sort of tool ever since Nilrog announced the end of support of the WP-Blog plugin. Does it also integrate comments?

Yes, also a good idea, thanks. Still I want to have a feedback round together with the dev. It’s more a CMS approach than RW export.

Currently not. Therefore the online comments would have to be converted from the Wordpress format to something else.

A integrated commenting system is on the plan for Poster Stack. I could also think of a way to write comments in the way that @willwood’s excellent Comments Stack is able to work with it.

First things first, I wanted to start small. Let’s give it a try with a simple blog and some pages :+1:

Cheers, Jannis

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@instacks There isn’t that many articles where the comments and dialogue was worth keeping. I could probably do that manually post migration.

How about URLs? Does it maintain the URLs?

Which kind of URLs? Incoming or outgoing?

Ah. Got it. No, because Poster Stack doesn’t use the complicated structure of Wordpress URLs. :rofl:

At least the blog slug is identical.

Best to set up a redirect on the old Wordpress installation to the new RW site :+1:


In this particular case, I used custom URLs… so basically it’s, blog/this-interesting-article. Is it still not possible?

Yes, that is possible with a adapted htaccess file.

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Sounds great Jannis :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to hear that!

How is this different from Yabdab’s Wordpress stack?


I believe this is a WordPress migrator / importer so after completing this action @labcoatguy, WP is no longer needed and can be closed down and only RW and Poster need to be used going forward :slight_smile:

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