Transmit FTP program, Copy URL function and proper link paths

I have a dilemma with Transmit and the Copy URL function for my warehoused images in a folder. All my sites are add-ons under my public_html folder, so the proper path should look something like this:

In Transmit in the Favorites Editing window, the root URL field is blank (I’m actually not sure what to put here), while the remote path is /public_html/

However when I use the Copy URL function in Transmit, it delivers this:

Which is not usable. I have a ton of photos I am warehousing and cannot be manually editing each one. I am not sure how to get the proper URL path without manually adding it. Maybe there is something in my Favorites/edit folder I need to set? FWIW all projects are set Relative to Page.

Well many thanks to Aaron at Panic Software (transmit) who told me to put the domain name (sans http or www or anything) in the Root URL field in the setup of the Favorites window. That simple addition does the trick. For anyone else out there needing to know:

Root URL:

Nothing else. Testing the Copy URL string after brings up the image, so it works!

Just to clarify, after putting in just the domain name, after saving Transmit turns it into:

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Glad you managed to get that sorted. I’ve been using Transmit for many, many years and have found it an excellent program.