Transparent video play icon

Is there a transparent video play icon for rapidweaver7?

Are you looking just for an icon itself, or a video player stack that shows that icon? If latter, I think every player shows that icon superimposed on the video. (Perhaps some of them show the icon as an option?)

Thank you for your input. I was looking for one that would go on the photo placeholder of the video to let the viewer know it was a video. One you hover over the photo, the built in button is visible, but not before. Thanks again.


If you go to Stacks4Stacks website, sort all stacks by Keyword (select Video), you will find 5 or 6 different video players. All of them have the “Play” icon/button in the middle of a video poster-image. I think that you can optionally hide it or style it to your liking.

By the way, remember that you need the ‘Stacks’ plugin to be able to use single stacks.

THANK YOU!!! I have the stacks plugin.

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