Tring to stabalize banner image for Nav

Laddies and Gentlemen,
I discovered that the Pinterest Plugin for Firefox interferes with my top bar navigation, by creating their save and enlarge icons. It competes with my navigation. I am using Will Woodgate’s excellent Randomimage stack to change populate the ‘banner.’

When I put the images in RefinedSlider , also from Will Woodgate, the problem goes away, as the images are not ‘seen’ by the Pinterest plugin. The problem here is that initial load does not pre-scale, so the section jumps up when it has loaded.

You can test this on the website. Top Images from RefinedSliderOn first load, or cleaned cache reload the top image doesn’t reserve room. If you don’t have the Pinterest plugin, you can still see one image can be dragged to your desktop and the other can not.

Any advice on a workaround that allows the random image to hide the image trail, or a way to tell Refined slider to reserve the screen real estate on load, would be very helpful.

As an aside, I’m basically building everything from a Blank theme. I’ve gotten most every ting to work, but this part doesn’t like me.

Thanks for any help,

Putting this code in the header of the page tells Pinterest pluging not to pop up.

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 2.16.05 PM

Sorry it’s an image, I couldn’t figure out how to post code.

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

Found it, select your code, and press the </> button in the text editor.

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