Trouble with Bluehost

I have two RW websites on BlueHost and had no trouble last month re-publishing one of them. I made another change, but I can’t sign in because “my sign in information is incorrect.” Bluehost told me that I had to contact RapidWeaver for help.

Are you able to login to the BlueHost site with a separate FTP client using your credentials put into RW?

No. I tried logging in using Transmit, but I got the same message. I switched to another hosting company.

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I recently transferred host from Bluehost after being with them for seven years, due to this sort of service.

They are no longer that cheap, particularly if you want an SSL on your site. It’s a shame as they used to be highly recommended for RW.

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Me too… Try Chilly Dog, Greg will help you. It’s the best service

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