Bad move to new server (Resolved)

a long standing RW Server , Pointinspace , just up and bailed without my being aware till my customers reported no web site ! So I randomly choose an economical alternative.
hours later having changed NS pointers I can upload a .rw8 file but it renders a listing of files structure , not my RW glory ? claims the file is incomplete even though it opens in RW just fine.
I’ve been trying to use the RW built in FTP utility un-succesfully. It was so easy with previous server. oh yes i’ve double checked user name and password.
when uploading 40Mb file with bluehost utility it always pushes a zip file which they have to un-packed on their end.

I’ve had a site hosted on Bluehost for many years and never had a problem publishing to the account with RW.

That is often a case where not all the files have been uploaded, and the usual recommendation is to “republish all files”.

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Are you actually trying to upload the rw8 file itself? If so, that won’t work. You need to either publish to the site from within RW or publish to a local folder and then upload the contents of that file to your host with an FTP app.

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yes , I foolishly kept trying to upload .rw8 file. I can not not configure RW FTP dialog window correctly . When I publish to folder and then drag folder contents to bluehost dialog box they do show up as file listing not a RW rendered site ?

did you successfully enter data into Bluehost FTP dialog;
three different bluehost agents couldn’t help with that.

Here Bluehost FRP dialog How To Setup Dreamweaver | Bluehost Support

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Not sure what you mean by the Bluehost FTP dialog, but below are the settings I use for the RW FTP dialog. This example is for an add-on domain, so there is a folder name (which is blurred) after the / , but in your case it would just be /public_html/, unless of course you are also publishing to an add-on domain. These are the same settings I use in FTP apps like Transmit, Fetch, etc. for this account.

If you click on the “Browse” button, you will be able to find the public_html folder, and select that folder.

Alternatively you can publish your site to a local folder on your Mac and upload the files with the File Manager in CPanel in your Bluehost account to the public_html folder, similarly to what @DLH mentioned.

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It’s good to know it’s possible ?
I’m particularly not clear on Server \ Bluehost support told me to enter
with my last server it was a simple url \
nothing worthy of obscuring from view ?

FTP Bluehost dialog refers to using their ftp utility dialog as opposed within Rapidweaver.

I’ve also successfully used the ip# as well on this account. Either that ip# which Bluehost gave you or (assuming that is your domain). They both should work.

Do you mean the File Manager in CPanel or is their FTP utility something different than the File Manager in CPanel? If so, I’ve not used that, but the settings in the RW screen shot work in Transmit and Fetch, so they should work in any FTP app.

You might find it easier to use the File Manager in CPanel as there are no settings to configure. Just locate the public_html folder and upload your published RW files there.

In my experience Bluehost is a very good hosting service and quite a big company. I haven’t had to contact them in years for tech support, but as I recall it was always very good.

thanks for the hints with you dialog image … I finally got rapid weaver ftp to work

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Glad to hear that!

I believe I was using the wrong password … and had never entered primary Bluehost password.
YOU SAVED MY DAY :slight_smile:


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