PageSafe not logging in...sub-domain?

Hi all,

I’m having an issue implementing PageSafe on a sub-domain…not sure if it works on sub-domain? @joeworkman

It just keeps reverting to the log-in padlock…tried a few times, deleting, changing the expire time to 1 minute and 3 minutes but each time it just reverts to log-in padlock each every time.

Key lock turns and goes green but then back to the log in passcode black page.

I’ve used PageSafe a number of times and all good…but this time issues.
Temp password 6258

PHP on server is 7.4.27

If I copy and paste into another site, not a sub-domain it works as expected but on this draft sub-domain not working, hence my wondering if it doesn’t work on sub-domains.

I’ve cleared cache on server and also on Safari

Any thoughts please.

Thanks Scott



Also not working on other domain.
Password 6258

But on this page it is working…
Password 3337

That is not a subdomain. It’s just a subfolder on the same site.

I did just ship an update. But to be honest, I am not sure if it will fix this or not. Maybe republish all files?

Thanks Joe,

Yeah I’ve tried republish, gone into FTP and deleted the original public_html folder and republished again but issue continues.

Pagesafe has been very reliable previously but I can’t work out what’s causing issues at the moment.

I’ve updated version unless it was in the last 12 hours.

Thanks and I hope we can sort out.

Cheers Scott

I shipped v1.7 last night. Check for updates.

Just updated a test site…Logout not working?
Login is 1234

Hi Joe, thanks.

That update is working for me…so is the log out button.

Cheers Scott

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Check for updates. I just shipped a fix for some logout issues. I uncovered the issue during today’s hangout.


Thank You Joe…you are the best!!!

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