Trying to get Download Buttons showing in Safari/FireFox for ProGallery 2.3.2

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Taking this discussion online per suggestion by @willwood so that it is publicly documented.

In ProGallery 2.3.2, I’m having trouble getting the Download and Pinterest Share buttons showing up in Safari 12.0 & FireFox 62.0. It does show up in Chrome 69.0.3497.100. This is on OS X 10.13.6.

Here’s the page in question:

Settings are shown in this window:

What I see in Safari, even after clearing cache and force upload of the whole site again is this:


I don’t let people download my photos, so I can’t help you there… but if you install this:
(pinterest) will let you pin. Not sure this is what you’re after?

I also looked at my old emails with @willwood about Pinterest and PG2 and found this (though not sure if it’s relevant). Maybe Will can recall, as this is from August of 2017.

The pinterest button appears to be missing due to an incompatibility with something else on that webpage. If I add this CSS it appears, but it is not in exactly the correct place I intended it to be:

.lightcase-social-icons {
bottom: 0px !important;
top: auto !important;

The image is missing on Pinterest because it looks like the relative path to the image is sent, rather than the full (absolute) URL. I guess it depends somewhat on what image source is being used. I might have to revise the sharing code to try and ensure only an absolute path is sent.

They are showing up for me…

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Now I’ve got a link to a test page and some screenshots that are large enough for me to see, I can review this support case better.

My first observation is that the images are massive. Most are exceeding 4 MB. Some are larger than 10 MB each. There is no justification for needing such large images in a public facing website. So start by deleting these images, reworking them in your preferred image editor and then adding them to RapidWeaver again. I would normally expect each of these images to be less-than 1 MB, when properly optimised for the web. They only need to be about 2000px wide and saved at 80% quality. Free tools like ImageOptim or this service will help you strip-out all unnecessary image data to reduce sizes even more.

The download / Pinterest buttons are hidden on mobile or instances where a browser does not support the download attribute. We’ll also hide them if image links appear broken (or are taking too long to display). I suspect that is what is happening here, perhaps in part due to the huge file sizes.

The download button will only work if the images are stored on the same server that the webpage is hosted on. This is a relatively new security practice that the major browser vendors have recently introduced, and alas it isn’t fully documented yet.

Finally it appears your theme is not SSL compliant. It is trying to pull some fonts off Google Web Fonts. In some rare situations, a browser might abort loading a page fully if it detects insecure file calls or scripts.

The next update for ProGallery going out soon already includes some changes to how download and Pinterest buttons are handled within the lightbox.


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