Trying to setup Hijax for inline content

I can’t seem to find any code example of the Hijax stack. Can someone point me to instructions on how to set it up for something as simple as inline text with an actual example?

What I have done so far is I have a button outside of a hijax stack with a link url of #1 and class of hijax-inline.
I placed a Hijax stack below and then the HijaxBlock stack inside it. I placed some text in the HijaxBlock with a Unique Link ID of 1 for the block.

I just can’t figure out what could be wrong here.

Thanks for any help.

Hijax has a pretty comprehensive User Guide. Have you checked it out?

If you need to see Hijax working, go to this demo page.

And finally, they have one of the best support teams that is always willing to help.

Thanks! I found my error. I was calling the class hijax-inline instead of hijax inline.
I thought they had detailed documentation but I can’t seem to find anything more than the basic description on their FAQ page. I’m really looking for detailed descriptions of when to use HijaxGrid and what I would use it for.
Also, thanks for giving me the link to that demo page’ it’s an older one I had remembered seeing but couldn’t seem to find anymore.

@forteweb Appreciate the feedback about Hijax. I’ll make sure we provide more detailed information on how to use it.

On a side note, I’m assuming you’ve already seen this page?

I have seen that page and it says I can use HijaxGrid but it doesn’t say what it’s for. Can you tell me in one sentence when I would use it?

Based on the name alone I would guess it has something to do with setting up some kind of table but is it for the content and why would you need that when you are using stacks?

Can you tell me in one sentence when I would use it?

HijaxGrid holds many different HijaxBlocks, and displays them when a Hijax-enabled link is clicked on.

As for when you would want to use it - that greatly depends on what kind of layout you are building and what you want to accomplish. There are too many examples of how to use HijaxGrid to answer a “when use it” question in a single sentence. :wink:

In general, I keep a HijaxGrid close to the link which activates the content displayed in a HijaxGrid. For example, if you have a link near the top of the page, but the HijaxGrid is way down at the bottom, then even after clicking on the link visitors may not realize that content has been revealed on the page.

So, if I have a group of links (image thumbnails, whatever) together in a section, I’ll place a HijaxGrid near them (with the relevant HijaxBlocks inside), so that when the links are clicked on the content is revealed close by.

To sum up:

  • HijaxGrid holds many HijaxBlocks
  • You’ll create Hijax-enabled links which point to the HijaxBlocks inside that HijaxGrid
  • I recommend keeping the HijaxGrid close to where the links are

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the description. I now see how to use HijaxGrid but I’m not sure why I would ever use it since you can put multiple stacks within a HijaxBlock box and have multiple HijaxBlocks. Why do you need Grid to hold HijaxBlocks?

By using a HijaxGrid stack, you have more control over where, exactly, the content is revealed. It sounds like this isn’t an issue for you, so feel free to ignore it, but it’s there for those that do. :smile:

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Got it! It’s a grouping and position stack for HijaxBlocks

@forteweb That’s a great summarization, very succinct. :thumbsup: