Twitter Feed & Twitter Buttons stop working

Hi Guys

I have just noted that the previously embedded Twitter feed (as well as the twitter buttons) have all stopped rendering.

I used the twitter generated code as provided by twitter.

The strange thing is that the feed and buttons appear in Preview but do not show when published - any ideas ??


Can you give us a link to look at Paul?

Hi Rob

I have just had to remove the twitter feed on my social media page as it simply left a big gap.

However if you look at you will note in the right hand side panel that the twitter button is replaced by a link that reads “Follow @CSMLtd

In Preview the blue twitter button appears but not so once published.


Twitter, Facebook etc continually change the method/code required to link to their content and thus the stacks that use the (now) deprecated code stop working.
I’d put money on this being your problem.
They want eyes on THEIR site where they have adverts, they earn nothing from their content being viewed on other sites.

Hi Paul

Thanks for your input.

I fully understand your comments but it seems odd that Twitter themselves actively promote via their own developer site the ability to embed their feeds onto third party websites.

It seems further strange that within RW Preview all works as expected but then seemingly falls down once published.


FYI, I have sometimes seen ad-blocker extensions block social media buttons and embedded feeds. The feed gets replaced with ‘Tweets by @handle’.

I can see the Twitter follow button fine using Chrome and Windows 10. Noname

Rob / Will

Thanks both for your feedback and assistance.

This is very curious given that I dont have any ad blockers in use - I have tried Chrome - Firefox and Opera at my end and all I get is the link unlike what should appear and what Rob can see.

Not really sure what to do other than use either logo images or FA icons for the “Follow” buttons and probably abort the idea of a workable twitter feed unless other ideas are available ??


Paul, do you want to put the feed back in there, re-publish and then let me know? I’ll take another look straight away and screenshot what I see.


Hi Rob

Thanks for your generous help

I have placed the code just after the Pinterest board and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

The url is

Kind Regards

That doesn’t look right but as - bad - luck would have it, my office is having Internet connection issues at the moment. :disappointed_relieved:

The FB feed didn’t load at first but a Ctrl+reload brought it back. But there’s no Pinterest that I can see (I imagine that’s what’s in the empty box) and the Twitter feed is as you described before.


The strange thing is that all seems to work in ios suggesting that its somehow linked to desktop browsers ???

I’ve just looked at the numerous blue “Follow me on Twitter” buttons I have on my own site and they are all working - both on iOS and on Safari on my desktop in OS High Sierra.


Hi Tom

Thanks for your feedback also - this issue gets stranger as we move along !!

I’m using all the latest browsers - no ad blockers - so scratching my head.

I am wondering if there is a geo issue as I am based in SE Asia - im hoping to fire up an old windows laptop to test via that also and maybe test using a van to see if I can uncover anything further.


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