Twitter feeds on Standard iPad Air 2 not mini

Hi all,

Here’s a weird one. Cannot understand why my twitter feeds do not show on an iPad Air 2. They show on iPhone and an iPad Mini 2 though, any ideas?

Also if you take a look at my website, if you look at the very top I have a white line! Weird. It appeared when I embedded the iubenda code for my Privacy policy and it then created a white button you could press to navigate to the website to view the privacy policy. Well, I have since removed the embedded code and it’s gone, having set a direct link instead but the white bar at the top remains. Any ideas how I can delete this white line?

This should work to remove the white line:

body {
margin-top: 0px !important;

You can paste it in the Site Wide CSS code in Settings to have it be applied to all your pages.

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That works really well. I’m so very grateful to you.

All the best.

I don’s suppose you know a way of making a responsive theme wider on an iPad too do you?

Anyway, many thanks.

Glad it helped. :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by making the theme wider. Do you mean less margin on the sides of the content?

Any ideas anybody why a twitter feed does not show on an iPad Air 2 but does on an iPhone 6s Plus as well as an iPad mini?

Same iOS version?

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Is there possibly an add-blocking extension like Ghostery on the iPad Air?

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Yep - well thought of.

Many thanks for your insight and thanks to peppermint for joining in and yes, same IOS but I indeed have discovered a ad blocker on the iPad.