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I’m no longer able to access my project, and don’t have any idea why. When I click on the RW icon in the dock, it offers me a finder window (I’m not sure that’s the right name for it-- apologies: this question comes from someone with limited technical info and ability); if I type ‘website’ into the search box, I can see my project but it is greyed out and clicking on it doesn’t get any response.

Two other apparent oddities in case this provides clues: 1. there doesn’t seem to be a full menu in the menubar: the only heading is Rapidweaver. 2. when I click on ‘cancel’ in the Rapidweaver finder window, the window disappears for a second but then reappears. And clicking on ‘quit Rapidweaver’ under the Rapidweaver dropdown menu gets no response, but if I try Option/Command/Escape to force quit, there is no ‘Rapidweaver not responding’ message.

If anyone has any ideas, that would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, I can’t find out whether I can access a backed up version of the project as I’m currently away from my office for several weeks so don’t have access to my external hard drive.

In case it’s helpful, I’m using Sierra (10.12.6) and RW 7.5.

(Greg Schneck) #2

What happens when you open (double click) the Project File itself? (suggest a Mac Restart first)

(Lena Cromartie) #3

Hi, thanks for your reply. I followed your suggestion and restarted my mac (btw, RW prevented shutdown until I used force quit). Double clicking on the project in finder brought up the RW finder where my project name appeared again but this time greyed out and not responsive. (And RW again behaving weirdly as previously described)

(Doug Bennett) #4

Did you try launching RW from the applications folder, not form the dock?

Next might want to try to redownload RW as you should be getting a regular with file and edit etc. May not be your project, but somehow RW app got corrupted.

(Aaron Marquez) #5

Hi there - this is an odd issue that appears, still not exactly sure why, but it can be fixed by following the steps outlined in the following article: Fix Open Window Issue / Can’t Get Past Open Window

(Lena Cromartie) #6

Thanks for both the replies-- I’m now hopeful I’ll be able to access my project again. I’ll try out both suggestions once I’m back in my office with access to an external hard drive for backing everything up.

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