Unable to cancel Typed account

I want to cancel my Typed.com account. The interface shows an array of options on how to create various accounts, it shows nothing in the interface that will allow me to cancel my account.

This is seriously frustrating. This process should never take longer than 2 minutes.

Why do I have to select a category and then there’s no option fo the product I’m trying to make a post for?

You may want to send an email to @dan

Thank you!

Is that dan@realmacsoftware.com then?

I don’t want to be clumsy about it, but I work with email every day and I always need to make very sure I’ve got the guy’s email address right.

I just emailed support@realmacsoftware.com & they took care of it for me in one day

Thanks, I also emailed someone and that seems to have gotten some traction.

My beef is that this is something simple. This should never be more than a form that handles the administration of cancelling an account. I should not have to ‘search the web’ for instructions. They mention on their billing page “you can cancel any time, no questions asked.” Only: you can’t cancel, there’s nothing in the interface that allows you to do that.

Software was supposed to make our lives so much better. Instead it’s turning into a gigantic circle jerk of people asking other people why their stuff doesn’t work. I think we’re missing out here.

In the mean time I found how to do that and I’ve cancelled my account.

That process is easy, fast and straightforward. What is not straightforward is that you have to click the link in your invoice that takes you to the page where you can cancel the account. And there is no hint that this is what you have to do to get there.

Incomprehensibly complex and needlessly frustrating.

Thank you for thinking along.

For future reference:
You get a mail message with your monthly invoice. That message contains a link to the order. It takes you to a web page that displays what you paid and when and it also has a button to cancel the subscription [at the time of writing this was valid]. So, it’s super easy to cancel that subscription, but it’s a complete mindfuck how to get there and there’s no easy way to find out that’s what you have to do.