Unable to delete default theme in RW8

(Bruce Richman) #1

I am a day old with RW8. While tooling or fooling around I made a theme, Split, my default and now can not get it gone. If I try to make another project, there it is. Previous versions had field in General to handle this. I tried uninstalling and deleting the 2 library files and restarting. Appreciate any advice.

(NeilUK) #2

You can change the default theme in RW8 by right-clicking any theme and selecting “Make Default”.

(Bruce Richman) #3

I greatly appreciate your reply. I would like no default so I can go from scratch with stacks and foundry. Any thoughts? Thank you. B

(David) #4

Just make Foundry your default theme?

(Bruce Richman) #5

You Sir Are A Genius! Thank you. B

(system) #6

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