Unable to link resources in RW 6.3.5

After upgrade to 6.3.5 I can no longer complete links to existing resources.

OS is El Capitan ???

@fawebel, not sure exactly what you mean, can you more specific/descriptive please.


Brad… I have a “Lockdown” plugin page that has worked perfectly in the past. Now when I attempt to update the links on that page to newer, updated, “resources” the desired linkage does not complete. I can select the resource in the “Add Link” pop up, but it appears as greyed out and when I select “Set Link” the pop up close and the desired linkage does not appear.

@fawebel, Lockdown version 1.90 by LogHound, last updated Feb 28, 2011? Pretty old, might not work as advertised with RW6 and Stacks 3 if that’s what you’re using… I personally don’t use that plug-in, I use Joe Workmans - PageSafe

Have you checked the FAQ page at: Loghound Lockdown FAQ

And refresh your memory of how to install/use the plug-in here: Loghound Lockdown QSG


@Turtle @fawebel there is an updated version for 6, you can see it here
works great.

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And that’s why you’re the Jedi @zeebe!

I am using Lockdown v 2.90.7 & RW v 6.3.5 & OS X 10.11.1