Unable to relink or drag files into resources

just updated a RW6 project to RW7 and, as sometimes happens, the resource links are broken. In this instance there is only 1 image in resources - the banner.

Firstly, the relink option fails every time. Then, when trying to drag the image in, it won’t go there.

Never had this issue before - any ideas? Using Geometric theme from Elexir, RW 7.0.4, El Capitan 10.11.6

Have you tried a restart?

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Hi - yes I did and it worked - a restart of the Mac that is. Simply restarting RW had no effect.

a restart of the computer worked for me, too. reopening RW7 was insufficient for me. i believe but do not know that this is related to the aggraving problem cannot save dialogue box that one gets due to leaked resources.

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