Unwanted keywords displayed in header!

Hi Everyone,

I am still using Rapidweaver 5.3.1. I had two problems with the imported photo album from iPhoto. The first problem is the keywords from the page header is displayed at the top of the page. I remember putting in keywords and meta tags to help with search SEO but it is always displayed!

I search everywhere - including the page inspector but no luck!
The second is, I bought a responsive theme Vivid from Joe Workman - it sort of works OK but the photo album library doesn’t show on the menu? Its just a blank space!

Any Ideas?
Cheers Pete

Greetings @imagesmith,

Have you submitted this to @joeworkman and @zeebe through JoeWrokman.net? I don’t have that theme yet I’m not sure how much I could help with that. However, If you want to drop me the project file at http://Abundance.FM.upload I’m happy to take a look and see if I can figure out the keywords appearing in the header.

Just be sure you compress the project before uploading.

Oh, an also Google said that they rent counting keywords in SEO anymore. You would be best using Structured Data and other techniques.