Unwanted Tag on Foundation Page?

I just noticed I’ve got some mysterious tags or text being placed on my page. I recently updated my Stacks to the latest version. I don’t know where this tag “Auto Detailer” is coming from. The site slogan is “Coatings for Detailers”. It shows as “Coatings for Detailers Auto Detailing”. I also have a Notification banner at the top the first time you view the page asking you to click “Contact” for help…but on that notification, it also appends “Auto Detailing”. Looking at my project, it doesn’t look this way, nor can I find where this block of text is coming from?

Can anyone advise me? You can see the site at www.cs2usa.com



According to the page source code, it’s coming from the Site Title.

Have you added the title manually in the Top Bar somewhere?

I noticed its only on my home page and the text styling is wrong. The slogan reads correctly on every other page. Looking at my RapidWeaver project, I have not changed the default slogan.

However I did notice there was a meta tag template being used on this page that no other page uses.

What about in the General > Site Title setting?

Yes that’s where I have the slogan set.

Have you checked the Top Bar settings to see if you have manually configured in there?

Below is what’s in the page source of the browser

Just for kicks, I just manually forced the slogan on the home page but no change.

To make it more readable, I changed the Slogan to “Made for Detailers” and no change. I changed it on the About page and it changed correctly. So something is preventing the Home page from seeing the change.

Can you check if you have two index files for this page? It might be index.html and index.php on you server, then you could delete the .html one.

If this is not the case, try a republishing all.

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I will check. FYI- the site was working fine for the past couple years until I updated my stacks to the latest version.

The link with the full URL looks like it works

are you using Cloudflare or another CDN? if so, refresh the content there

Interesting. Thanks for finding that out.

No I’m not. Thanks!

Thanks Jan! I checked and there is only one index.html and no other index. files

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