Is this a Server or Coding Problem?

I built this Foundation site and I’ve had an issue that’s been plaguing me for the past 6 months. I posted about it here before and got some advice but no resolution. Yesterday I contacted our web host and they don’t believe the problem is hosting related. So I need some advice on what might be going on.

The URL is

There is additional text being displayed in the navigation bar. My Rapidweaver 8 project does not show this. If you go to Permanent Ceramic Titanium Self Healing Coatings | CS2USA, it displays correctly.

So the issue is—why are there two different versions of the page? Using File Manager on the webhost, there is only one default file in the folder and its the index.html.

What can I do to solve this? The extra text makes viewing on iPhones nearly unusable.



Look in the general settings of rw to see if you have enabled a slogan there.

Thanks! Nope its off.

Can you tick it off and try again please? Even if it is empty…

I can but I don’t understand. The Index.html file is showing correctly without the slogan. That’s what I want. I don’t understand why the domain doesn’t seem to be resolving to the same index.html file. I can’t be having visitors type index.html when typing in my domain name.

Odd? As a way to narrow down the cause could you post a second duplicate site to a temporary sub domain and see if the same issue presents itself? Or if subdomain not doable perhaps a temporary directory on the main domain.

Did you enable tidy website links?

Let me work on that

Yes!! Is that what’s causing the problem?? Here’s a screen cap of my root directory.

Another idea to try if you haven’t…have you tried deleting the entire site (RW resources etc.) from your server and re-publishing all files? If not would be worth a try IMO. Waiting with interest as well to see if tidy links might be a culprit somehow.


Should Tidy links be disabled?

I haven’t tried deleting the whole site. Not a bad idea though.

I would give the delete and re-publish a shot if you’re able. Could also turn off the tidy links and re-publish and check results. Make sure to re-publish all.

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Turning off Tidy Links and republishing whole site now. Will report what happens, otherwise will try deleting site and starting fresh.

Ok turning Tidy Links off had no effect. I tried opening the domain in a browser I never use–Firefox just to make sure it wasn’t a caching issue. and have the same results as before.

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Just for kicks on the webserver I renamed the index.html to default.html and it resolved the same way as before even after a refresh.

Tidy links won’t have any effect on the serving of the default page for the domain. That only effects other pages on the site.

Apache (the webserver you are using) has a directive called “DirectoryIndex” that determines what file(s) get served when a complete file name is not provided.

Since it sounds like you have turned off “tidyLinks” and then republished everything, that means you probably have a bunch of junk out on the server now. You’ll have file HTML files in the root directory for each page, and folders for each page. Might want to delete everything on the server and start fresh.

You should have only one HTML file at the root directory(index.html). The screenshot shows at least 4 files.

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Ok so I deleted all the files and republished. I’m having a template issue obviously but the underlying issue still remains. Look at these two screen shots. That extra text is still there.

The server is clean now…I deleted all the folders. There is only one HTML file in the root. Still same issue.