Update Armadillo pages?

So as my site has grown, I’ve needed to add more links in my header, footer, change some details with my theme, etc.

I went into my armadillo blog and everything looked fine, until I clicked on an individual entry, and it’s using the old theme and now has some broken links up top. Dang!

I’ve been looking at Aramadillo’s online manual, and through the settings and I can’t find any way to republish the entries with the updated links/header/footer/settings to make it match the rest of my site. How do I do this? I’m stumped!

hmmm. that didn’t happen to me when I updated my site. Did you republish all? or possible you have an old php file on your site? or did you not update the theme style/page specific them style on the blog?

I republished all, but the Armadillo blog entries are not in rapidweaver - so I can’t see how to republish them. I’ve seen nothing in Armadillo settings that would allow me to do so…

All the rapidweaver Armadillo pages have everything up-to-date and have been republished.

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My blog entries are in Armadillo in their admin app as well. It’s possible, again, that you need to clean out your website files on the server. If you renamed/moved pages, there might be an old php file on your server… in the files/file manager. When you republish, it only replaces what is already there… it won’t delete older files that are no longer in use.

Interesting. How can I know which to delete?

Take a look at the folders and see if there are old pages and files in there… match to your pages. Checking by date also helps. If you don’t know what you’re doing for sure, ask your web host.
Here is what my files look like on my server:

Cleanred up some pages, then changed the URL in my blog settings and now everything works great. Weird.

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oh, well URL is important lol
Glad you fixed it.