Update Rate-It stack

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you guys know that Rate-It, my automatic star-rating stack has gotten an update to v1.3.0

It now offers vote count separator & text controls for vertical alignment with the stars and new Vote/Duplicate Vote/Problem event alerts now let your visitors know what’s going on.


Have fun.

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Just sent you an email. Counter stopped working and is returning an error. Need a fox ASAP as a TV related contest is relying on it. Thanks you

Hi Everyone & Thanks Mark,

Just released v1.4.0 of Rate-It

Did a bug fix for the star-rating display.
Note: This update may reset the count & rating, so please note the count/rating before updating with this version.

Happy Weaving !

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Purchased, thank you! Was playing with the trial version for awhile now :slight_smile:

I try a demo of the stack and found that repeatedly record my vote. Repeats it every new page loads. It’s a mistake, or is this normal?
Thank you for responses.

Hi Martin,

Rate-It will prevent multiple votes during a site visit. This is a nicety to prevent accidental clicking again or in case the visitor isn’t sure if they’ve voted for something. So yes, that’s normal.

is there any way to prevent repeat visitor when visiting sites could vote again? For example, by storing the IP address. I would stack used to evaluate the product and I’m worried that someone is not damaged by repeated product evaluation. Thank you for answer.

Sorry for the bad English, my home is Central Europe.

Hi Martin,

In short, no. Rate-It is a great stack that doesn’t require a database - a huge turnoff for many people - it can be a real pain to setup & manage.