Updated to 7.2.1 - Project has vanished

When I opened RW today on my Mac I was prompted to update from 7.1.4 ( I think) to 7.2.1, an update of 91 MB, having done so, the one and only project I have, has disappeared completely. I can’t trace it, and it isn’t even listed on the “recently opened files”. I use it to create and post updates to my Club website and now I am stuck.

Is the update responsible and can anyone help?

I guess only the “recent projects” sidebar lost its reminder of having that project recently edited. I guess it is still available on your HDD.

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thanks, but I have tried finding it by file name and a wildcard search on the file type but to no avail? (using Finder).

does anyone know the default location for saving the projects in RW. I know that in Macs sometimes the locations can be notoriously difficult to find?

Use Finders “All my files” and sort by Date/Time. You should be able to find it that way. Wow, if you don’t even know where your projects are how do you plan for crashes, etc???

rather hoping that there is a back up copy in my apple “time machine” - trying to find it in there too.

That’s my point… if you don’t know where things are Time Machine isn’t much help. And “rather hoping” isn’t a good backup plan… :slight_smile:

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Did you try in finder:
select search: (type anything)
select This Mac
Select the + on the right side
in the Drop down select other
Select file extention
look for RW (RW7) or RW6(RW6)

This should show all RW project files
This should work on time machine as well.

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thanks. Having a look, no success on HD and time machine currently backing up - will check it shortly. I Appreciate the advice, but finding it strange that my file (project) hasn’t shown up so far. Cheers.

Thanks Doug, found a copy in time machine. Once I saw where the back up had been stored I realised that (as was most likely) the software update and absence of my project were unrelated. I had a tidy up of some folders/files recently and it is clear from the backup location that Inhad deleted the project! Little harm done, thanks to the backup. Thanks for your help!

Backups, backups backups… maybe the most important thing to do

Can’t be safe enough, many years ago I lost all my website (expensive business websites) coz not making the right backups so guys recommend to have different backup disks, backup methods. Maybe the best investment you can do!!


Erskineblue, you are not alone in having no knowledge of where Rapidweaver stores its files (Projects) because I have also been caught out by this. Backing up is vitally imprtant and Time Machine is good but, do not rely on it! Have an additional backup procedure in addition, would be my advice.
I now intend to write a short tutorial on what I do and place it on my website (ronniewestphotography.com) and hope that it will help anybody who encounters this problem in the future.


RW does not save the project files for you - you define the finder location by yourself in the save dialog.


I’ve seen too many threads like this recently.
YOU CHOOSE where to store files, this is not iOS where the file system is hidden it’s MacOS (OSX) with a propper file/folder structure.
You cannot just click save and hope for the best, you have to save files in locations(folders) of your making/choosing.
This goes for all apps, not just RW, the thought that people are just clicking save and expecting whatever they are creating to ‘go’ somewhere sensible I find frankly appalling.
And then to go online babbling about ‘app xxx has lost/deleted all my files’ because the recent files list is empty … It’s a list, a list of RECENTLY ACCESSED FILES, it’s NOT the files themselves.
And why may you ask is it empty? well I’d put money on the user having just updated the app and therefore MacOS sees it as a new app, a ‘new’ APP, how can there be any recent files for a ‘new’ app?
The recent file list is a convenience, a helpful little tool, it’s NOT the file system.

You shouldn’t have to search for ANYTHING you created, is SHOULD have been saved in a sensible location in your Documents /Dropbox/OneDrive etc folder with a sensible name.

Do some googling, find out about folders, about organisation, about MacOS Finder.


At least I now know what my talk at the WeaverSpace Conference 2017 is going to be about … File management, inc folder structure, file names, version progression, Dropbox, backup etc etc.


Thanks for all your contributions. If you read the whole thread you will realise that I have pointed out that I realised the mistake was mine, but I have recovered a back up copy and things are fine. As a newbie volunteering to run our sports Club’s simple website with little knowledge , thanks for the constructive advice, and to the ranter, I bow down to your greater knowledge and hope you use up your negative energy early in the month and go on to have a good 2017!

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I have also seen a few of these ‘RANT’ type posts but, Paul please consider that there are many people who do not have your apparent knowledge and need to learn how to do things. On my own website I try to help those people, with simple tutorials. A much better way of assisting those who need some helpful guidance than just ‘Ranting’ I think.
I hope that your new year will become better for you soon.
Ron West

p.s. I am going to add a new tutorial about folder structure and where to save your RapidWeaver Projects, very soon.