Main 'Publish' button fails


I can (usually) publish a page by right clicking the page and doing ‘Publish Page’. But clicking the main ‘Publish’ button (top right), after going through all the pages to gather their files etc., just vanishes without ever going into the ftp stage.

Any suggestions?


When you say “vanish”, is the button gone, or is it disabled?

The button should have a dropdown arrow that still works if it’s just disabled.

The button doesn’t vanish - the export dialog does. I grabbed a video:

What does the publishing settings for “my server” look like?

Like this:

Are any pages showing changes(blue dot)?

What happens when you publish all files?

Yes, all pages are showing the blue dot for changes.

File -> Re-Publish all files does the same as in my video above - no FTP.

But right click->publish page successfully starts FTP’ing.

Never seen this before. Unfortunately, I don’t think that we can get publishing logs with the current release.

One for ReaMac. @dan @Aaron I’d send an email

I have seen this with 8.6.
It usually only goes through some the pages to gather their files etc. then stops.
My fix is to just click publish again.

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