Updated to RW 8.7 – unable to open my my projects

Hi everybody,
today I updated to Mac OS BigSur and RW 8.7 and now I am not able to open my project (built in RW 8.?) anymore. I click on it in the start menu, nothing happens. I click on it in the history, nothing happens. I click on it in finder, nothing happens.
SCARY! Did anyone of you make similar experiences or know how to fix this? Urgent help is very much appreciated. This is my company’s website and it would be horror if I couldn’t access it anymore.

OK… it opened in the meantime… sorry. It just needed like 15 minutes to start. Still strange… but now it’s working!


There have been regional occurances of the is problem all over.

When you first launch an app in Big Sur – either after downloading/updating the app or updating macOS – the app has to have it’s security certificate and notarization checked with Apple’s server.

Apple has CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) for this sort of thing spread out all over the globe. But if their server is slow or overloaded, or your network is slow or overloaded, then the app can just seem to never launch. In one case I had every icon in my dock just bouncing and bouncing for about 30 minutes. LOL

One trick I’ve found that works. Just unplug the network cable or disable your Wifi (or both if you have both). If macOS can’t find any active connection it will let the app launch and just try again the next time.

So slow networks are slow. But totally gone networks are fast. :crazy_face::upside_down_face:

Anyway, I don’t know that this is what you saw. Maybe you just have a giant document that takes 15 minutes to load??? (ok, that was a joke, it’s probably unlikely)

But maybe some of your image resources are stored on network drives that need to mount? That could be. In the Advances settings for the project you can tell RW to pull all the resources into the project. Maybe that could help? (if it’s not already configured that way)

But if it continues, perhaps make a video – I haven’t heard many problems like this – but maybe if you made a video other people would see it and realize they were seeing the same thing. :smiley:


Thank you very much, Isaiah! Now it seems to work all fine, so it was probably exactly what you described! :sweat_smile:

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