Updating Foundation

I just upgraded Stacks to 3.0.2, and cannot figure out how to upgrade Foundation.

Have a very serious case of desk-to-forehead.

@gtroyp You can grab the theme here http://foundation.joeworkman.net/theme/
And the stacks should be in the Stacks updates …

If you get the Waterfall plugin from Nimblehost it can check for updates to themes that support it - including Foundation. Many new themes are arriving with Waterfall support.

Disclaimer - I do work for Nimblehost in support.
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Once you get the theme, check for updates in Stacks 3 to get the updated stacks, not sure how to do that? See this FAQ!

You can also always use our Order Lookup Page to get the latest version of the stacks as well. If you do not have your invoice order, use the retrieve order history option.