Upload 995 files for a change of text on one post?

(Mike Ball) #1

What is going on? I added some text to one blog post and Rapidweaver decided it needed to upload 995 files.
Why so many for a few lines of text and a link??

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

What version are you using? One recent version was doing something like this. Make sure you have 7.3.3 and not 7.3.2

(Mike Ball) #3

Hello Mathew

The latest 7.3.3 I’m afraid.



(William VILLERS) #4

You beat me, I got 465 files for one space deleted in one page… I know, I know, “we’re holding it wrong” :slight_smile:

(Mike Ball) #5

Hi William

I sure wish I hadn’t. It just takes so long to upload even the simplest of changes.


(Mike Ball) #6

Three words on one blog post requires 1,129 files. Going up.