Uploading problems, how to upload only new pages data

Our site has about 12,600 files, and 150 MB. Using RW 6.3.4, and Stack 3. I try all instruction given to me in the forum for the beast uploading. I tried exporting at 1 and 2 maximum concurrent uploads, have no luck. My IT told me that I have a slow upload speed, and that is the reason. Could it be that? Hope no. Any solutions. How can I upload only the pages with upgrade information?

@Printery – First, using this command from RW’s top menu export those files that you just updated.

Now, using a separate FTP utility (in my opinion, Transmit is the best one), upload the exported files to your server. If, indeed, you have a slow connection, you can use Transmit to upload files (or folders) one at a time. That way, you should have no problems with timing out.

By the way, if you’ll like Transmit for uploading/downloading, you will probably also like Coda (also from Panic Software) for making quick corrections to your text or code-syntax within files existing on your server, without any need to fire up RW and to repeat re-publishing process all over again. And it so happens that Coda is one of the greatest HTML and CSS editors in existence, too.

If you only want to publish a single page then just try selecting that page using CTRL/CLICK and then select Publish Page.

Gracias for the info. I try it already.

Gracias Rovertek, I will try first with Transmit. I used to upload that way. Then I thought that with the RW upload was going to be faster, but is not due to my limitations.

The options you mention are not available in RW7.

I change ONE date on the front page and it uploads 2000 files. Not Happy!

HELP gratefully received.

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Thanks, james.


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