Urgent Help Needed to Restore Rapidweaver Environment

Unfortunately, I recently had to rebuild my Mac due to problems with the Mac OSX Sierra 12.4 patch that was recently released. To add to my problems (and I won’t go into the reasons!) I had a complete copy of my disk, but not in a format that I could restore to the machine (my Rapidweaver files for my business’s website were also stored elsewhere) so I have had to rebuild the machine from scratch and have re-installed Rapidweaver 7, however, my problem is that I need to now re-install all of the Stacks and plugins that I had acquired over time. Some I have copies of the installers and can re-install, but others I do not know which I had. When I load my Rapidweaver project up (built using the Foundation theme), I have lost all the formatting etc., where a stack is no longer installed.

Is there a file, directory or config file that I can find on my old disk copy that would provide me with a list of all the additional software I had installed under Rapidweaver or is there something within my Rapidweaver project files that would help? Any help on this would be much appreciated.

If you use the inspector on your live website, you should be able to get a list of most of the stacks. Depends on if the developer puts in the right code for you to see

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Thank you, it had totally slipped my mind that the stacks get listed in the HTML code. It’s going to take me a while to go through all the pages, but it should get me a pretty comprehensive list. Thanks for coming back so quickly on that.

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