User ability to add new page with a template

Is there a stack that will allow me to set up a template that authorised users could then add new pages based on this template without having to come back to me? Thanks

Armadillo would allow this.

Armadillo is nowadays a little talked about CMS for Rapidweaver but it’s still one of the most powerful.

From @nimblehost

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Does it need to get added to a menu as well or just have the page created?

Thanks to both replies, yes it would need to be added to a sub menu.

As @TemplateRepo has mentioned, Armadillo can indeed do this. If you have further questions about this just let me know.

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Thanks, I will check it out!

Armadillo has the ability to add new items to menus. I don’t use themes, so not sure it would work with those, i’d guess it would depend on the theme and how the menu is built. With the frameworks, a la Foundation, Foundry, UIkit etc. from experience Armadillo won’t add items to the regular menus, but… You don’t really want that to happen anyway. Otherwise, the user can add 20 new pages and the menu bar gets messy quickly!

What I prefer is to build a separate menu for what I call “user pages”. This could for instance be a “hamburger” menu that lists all the user created pages. This is my preferred approach when allowing users to create pages with Armadillo.

Thank you, I agree allows random additions to the top menu would not be good, I will check it out and see if it fits my requirement. Much appreciated.

Great suggestions/input above. I had a similar post a while back (below). While I haven’t implemented a page on/off feature as of yet, perhaps it’s another option to consider, and may alleviate some of the concerns raised above about users adding an abundance of pages. Good luck and chime in with any success you have.

I have looked at a couple of demo video’s and it looks impressive. Are there any video’s on building a site with users being able to add pages based on a template?

That i wouldn’t know. I’m nothing to do with Armadillo, just a user. Sorry.

Joes suggestion with total cms was that a blog post could be designed and “disguised” as a page (to summarize at least). I’m not familiar with armadillo but since it’s a robust blogging solution perhaps the approaches would be the same (ie a new page would, in actuality, be a new blog post)? I’m speculating, perhaps an armadillo savvy user can clarify?

I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t put a plug in for joes total cms. Such an amazing tool in my opinion. Other options (such as armadillo) may be equally powerful…I’m only versed in total cms.

Again best of luck.

I agree with TCMS as well - it fits this use case perfectly except for being able to have new pages show up in a menu.

Please don’t get me wrong, I use Total CMS, I love Total CMS, my next question after establishing that Armadillo could do what I want is can it be run alongside Total CMS? I would not like to give it up after all his effort in building it and my sometimes amateurish in learning to use it!

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I’m not sure if you can or not. But even if you could I’m not sure you should. Would mean two admin areas to create (or at least two methods of logging in). I think it would be a confusing user experience.

If you wanted to continue with TCMS, I might try and propose a slightly different ‘menu’ setup where you have a single static menu item, which links to a landing page where all the new pages link from (so, a blog, essentially). I think the potential for menu explosion is a legitimate one to raise (as UIKitter mentions).

Otherwise, if Armadillo does what you need, just stick with that. Not both.

WebYep might be another one that could fit. I don’t have personal experience but it’s descriptions hints at being able to generate new pages:

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Many thanks, I get what you say and it makes sense. I will also check out WebYep.

I have a project file for people who want to try this. It is a little different then what the OP is asking about. You need TCMS and then you need to make the pages, then you can turn them off or on. If someone wants to see this project file let me know, I will send you a link to it. I also want to mention it is a RW 7 file.

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Quick bump for this post and Robert’s (@zeebe) generosity. He shared the file mentioned above with me and I’m working with it to fit my needs. His approach is a viable one IMO for allowing end users to turn on/off a pre-determined set of pages. Thanks again Robert.

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