User authentication and Management, PHP code

I’m working on a site where users will authenticate then be able to access content specific to them, supplied by a database. Each user will share some common content (home page) but have unique data on other pages.

I need a user management system, so users can sign up, reset their password, etc. I’m guessing that this can create session variables to uniquely identify the user and that will be used to query the appropriate data from the DB.

I’m comfortable in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, etc but would describe myself as a web developer not a web designer. My hope is I can find a way to use RW for the responsive design an attach to PHP code to provide the functionality I need in stacks.

Is there a way to execute arbitrary PHP code, and display it’s output in a stack?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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It’s difficult to beat Sitelok. It’s very easy to install and use.

Sitelok… job done.

No question about it. Sitelok by @vibralogix Adrian created his website using Rapidweaver, so he is very familiar with our processes - and his customer service is second to none. If you have a question about his product, he’ll be there to assist.

I have it installed in quite a few different sites - and all of my clients are thrilled with it. One added bonus for those of us with more than one installation: all subsequent installations are half price.

Thanks for all the replies. SiteLock looks prefect for what I need.