Using an Apostrophe

I keep reverting to the Rapidweaver Text stack when I have a paragraph that includes one or more apostrophes. The reason being that I find that when using Scribe or Paragraph Pro I get the unusual characters after publishing. Pound sign not used so often but the same problem. Am using Foundation 1. Any guidance would be most welcome.

Are you typing the text or copy and pasting?

Most grateful Doug. I have realised it is happening when contributors are sending me material for my village website which I copy and paste. Typing myself has cured the apostrophe. Did not cure the pounds sign which has an A with an accent but could get over this typing the word pounds instead of using the symbol.

Thank you.

Not sure what is happening with the #?

As for pasting, it’s always best practice to , copy the text and paste as plain text (from the edit menu in RapidWeaver or opt+cmd+v).

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