Using Google Drive Problem

I use Google Drive to store all my files in the cloud so that I can access them from different devices. This works perfectly with everything except RapidWeaver. I usually work from my Mac Mini and everything is ok, but even though all the files are synced with Google Drive I cannot see my RapidWeaver projects when using my Macbook Pro. Some RapidWeaver files appear to be there but are greyed out.
I am using RapidWeaver 7
I have no problems with any other applications
Any suggestions please?
Many thanks

I have never used Google Drive, RealMac does not recommend you use cloud storage. Many folks do use Dropbox, but you need to be careful in making sure they have time to sync.
The other thing you could try is to close the project file on one computer and then zip the project file and place it on Google Drive. On the second computer unzip the project file.
You may want to check out this post, it’s about Dropbox but may give a clue to the problems your having with GoogleDrive:

Thanks for the reply, Dropbox is not an option for reasons I wont bore you with, so I am stuck with Google Drive. Following your suggestion that I zip the project, place it on Google Drive, and unzip it with the 2nd device I can now see the project. However when I try to op[en it RW tells me that no theme has been applied, which is incorrect.
Any further suggestions please?
Everything works fine on device 1 and I am saving everything to Google Drive rather than to the local HD.

Are you using remote resources?
When you create a new project on the second (one not working) Mac do all your themes and addons show up?
Google drive, and Dropbox should all work fine as long as you zip and unzip the project. They all do about the same thing.

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