Using Gravity columns and Extracontent

I have been using the Gravity theme for years and now find that I would have a use for both columns and extracontent. I cannot find a users guide (if there ever was one), The Gravity web page talks about columns and extracontent but I do not find any instructions or examples. I could use a stack but the web page says it is built-in.

Links, manuals, etc would be very helpful.


There is a guide for Extra Content at the Themeflood web site:

I don’t have Gravity, but the other Themeflood theme I have has a checkbox that says “Preview extraContent Containers” – it’s at the end of the master style options.


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Yep, I looked and there it was, in plain sight. I just had no reason to look at all the options until now. Thanks for reminding me.


Glad I could be of help.

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